Pinger - Network monitoring

  Pinger - Surveillance réseau pas cher

Network Connection Monitoring on Raspberry Pi 4 - pinger software

  • Allows monitoring of multiple remote or local IPs, hosts. also inerrogate web-server with http or https requests
  • Choice of interface, ethernet or wifi, to be used for each of the hosts to be monitored.
  • Ideal for diagnosing local or wired network cuts, thanks to multi-day monitoring 24h / 24h
  • Monitoring of computers, servers or other network equipment
  • Alerts with E-mails, also can do SMS with huwaei 3G/4G USB keys
  • Ping a range of IP
  • Scheduler
  • New: Port Scanner, Scan for Networked Computers, Open Port Discovery
  • New: Speedtest (Latency, Download and Upload speed), regular interval test
  • With the  Raspberry P4, 1500 Mhz and LAN interface 10/100/1000 (Real 1 Gigabit/s)
  • Wifi type AC (also 5 Ghz)

News 2019 - 2020

  • Mail Alert if the Pinger is offline (eg power failure)
  • Can save multiple configuration on the administration page
  • View Speedtest charts with remotly (from any location on internet)

Price with Debian Buster 10 Lite+ "pinger" software suite installed: 169.-


  • Python3 software for Raspberry Pi4, Pi3 B+, TinkerBoard. Wifi support
  • Web interface ◦PI configuration, visualization of results
  • Various settings
  • Interrogation of protocols over several days
  • Remote control for remote access to current statistics and protocols (scan range, ping range, speed test, send report, clear stat, view log, reboot

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  1. Raspberry Pi4 2GB with 16GB Micro SD Card, Debian, Universal Power adapter
  2. Web interface
  3. Software suite installed and configured,